People help with beautify

Guys, I wanted to know if you can put those beautiful weddings in the texbox with the beautify components


What is weddings? For me it is the same as marriage

@Pablo_Almeida Same here

weddings? or Padding?

card view weddings there are those weddings in the corner, so I wanted to know if you could have weddings in the texbox

my language is different and when translated it has two meanings, but what I wanted to know was if it was possible to remove the corners of the texbox like the card view

Do you mean round the corners? Like this?


yes, how do you do it???

I just put a TextBox inside a CardView, and BackgroundColor of the TextBox = transparent color. Then you can put the value you want for the Radius of the CardView (In the example above I put Radius = 15)

Like this:

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