Paytm blocks

Can someone please guide me on all the elements of the below block for paytm?

Please guide the use and the importance of all the elements of this block. Then I would be able to use these in my App.


@R_Creations To use this block, you must have the Paytm payment gateway credentials. You can get them from

Thank you for looking into this.

I have already created the account in Paytm for business. But I am still can’t see the API details. I have applied for it.

Do you have any idea how to get the API keys?

@R_Creations Only Paytm can provide the API keys, contact them as you can get a better help from them

Use Razorpay instead!

Integrate Razorpay Payment Gateway Without Using Any Extension Or Server File - Guides - Niotron Community

Thank you so much for your hep on this. Razorpay is really good way and you aia file and the guidance are also really very helpful.

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