Hi :slightly_smiling_face: NIOTRON

There is an issue in upgrading the plan.

The payment method you provided is not allowing me to buy the plan from India.

Can you provide Different payment method than STRIPE.
& how much time it’s takes to solve this problem?

We are working on fixing payment methods as well.

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Hi ABHIJITH :wave::slightly_smiling_face:,

It’s create a lot of pressure in my mind because i don’t know when it’s gonna solve & it’s create confusions…

Can you tell me approx time your team going to take to solve this problem…?

hope you understand ABHIJITH :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you ! :heart:

You can Use Open Money to do Indian Payments

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Ahhh :weary: ,

It’s also Not working!

Are you sure your address is correct?

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:joy: are you jocking Really

Bro can you just tell me the approx time ? that you guys are going to fix this problem …

You can also try
If you think i am jocking :slightly_frowning_face:

& Brohh :weary: Why don’t you guys have YouTube channel to tech people & your buyers about how to upgrade niotron plan

:joy: I don’t get a single video on it based on your upgraded website theam !

If you increase your brand social presence you are going to more than 10x your now income…

I mean you don’t even know how much fraud others are doing in the name of app making & selling them into higher price …

You guys are doing great work
You deserve more haa :slightly_smiling_face:

It does seem to be working fine from our end.

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I think i’m purchasing in wrong way that’s why it’s saying that … Hey can you please clarify enough to help me to upgrade my plan

I am just using my debit card to buy it , just entered my card details & taped on purchase

I don’t have stripe account & open money is not working ,open money not working details is in above chats ,

My Question
I can’t upgrade my plan if my card is not attached to stripe account ? Please make me clear & provide your social media ig etc… so I can communicate properly