Path must not be empty

I used packageutils in my project and build my apk than show run time error (path must not be empty) How to solve this problem.

Check your Blocks Properly

Bro, I have not use path components but showing error, I only use is package installed component.

Error screenshot

Block Screenshot

What are the values of Global Package1, Global Package2, and Global Package …?

Global Package value is apps package name which installed in my phone.

May be,I check it because i used more global package name.

Why we can’t use like this :thinking:
I think IsPackageInstalled should return either true or false, if it doesn’t find the app package should return false…

show all the blocks…

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Sorry, Dear, I was confused about the logic. @ELDORADO Do What @im_neodeveloper Have Said. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Bro, You were right, l levied some package empty. Now solved this problem, Thanks you so much guys. All of you such a great person.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

You’re right, we can use this logic to check (Is package installed means app is install or not).

Bro, You can also try it, this logic is workable.:+1:

@ELDORADO Mark this as Solution

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if(isPackageInstall()  == true)

is not a good practice… Since, isPackageInstall always return boolean either true or false , you don’t have to compare with true . ie, you can do like ,



Yes, you’re absolutely right​:+1: but I used that because this logic to ping my mind to understand the result of that’s block when I will see suddenly in future.:dart:

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