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So i have Created a Demo ( Testing ) Sign Up Application But I have a problem that how can i create Show password & Hide password feature , and the problem is button work properly like if i click on show icon than password is showing & if i click on hide password than icon was changed to show to hide but password didn’t hiding please Help Me


Aia File :-
Login_Signup (1).aia (17.4 KB)

Hello @RK_Jarvis_Gaming :wave:t2:
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You don’t need to use global name, instead use get Image and then compare it

Like if image == outline_visiblity…
Then set input type as 1 else 2

Maybe it can help you, else I’ll send an image of blocks soon

Thank you


if you can than plz send image of blocks

The following are the instructions

  1. Create Simple UI

  1. In Button Properties set font face to Material Icons

  1. Create these blocks


It will make it work


test.aia (857.8 KB)

thanks :smile: for aia & for info :smiley:

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