[paid work] I want recharge app

I want recharge app with commission system I can pay $25 for it

Mr. @MrSidhartha,
First of all official language in community is English.

And 2nd Be respectful to everyone

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You must not disrespect me

but you are also disrespecting all developers by paying $25.
if you don’t have enough money, then you should make your own apps

@Rijvan_Dal1) just posted his budget. if it’s not enough for you then just ignore the post.
Why are you disappointing someone?

Now please stop it here.


He actually already posted his request on WhatsApp grps also.
I think you misunderstood something, I am not disappointing anyone
I am just telling him the truth and also saving his time

And that budget should not be enough for any self respected developer. Starting from less is a good thing but people should also know from where to start. Every application have different price according to its UI, features, etc.
And if we keep on promoting this behaviour then it will effect all of us. And because of this, now most people think that you can’t make good apps, UI, or even add good features in an app made from drag & drop platforms.
Is this what you want? You want people to think apps made from drag & drop platforms are of bad quality or useless?

I just want recharge system I’ll create UI design :person_facepalming: