[PAID] Razorpay Payment Gateway - With any Custom amount

Hey Guys, Now You can also use easily Razorpay Payment Gateway to accept payment from your users easily, Razorpay also provides you to many options to accept payment like debit/ credit, UPI etc.

Razorpay Payment Gateway -
To integrate Razorpay in your app you also don’t need to import or use any type of extension in your project…Only you need to hosting where you can upload the files on your server, you can also use any type of free hosting.


:black_circle: Is it Safe & Secure ???
Yes it’s is :100: safe and secure for your app and you can also publish your app in play store using of this one.

:black_circle: How does it’s work ???
Simply you need to upload some PHP files on your server to run this.

:black_circle: Mode of Payment ???
Various of modes are given by razorpay to accept payment.

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • UPI
  • Net Banking etc.

:black_circle: Can I receive any custom amount from user ???
Yes you can receive any custom amount from user and in fact you can also receive fixed amount.

:black_circle: PRICE -

This included code (File) + setup charge. If You want to buy code with Free Setup in your Server, You need to pay

Only ₹500 or USD 7

:black_circle: How to Buy -

To Buy this Kindly PM me in Telegram -


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we dont need to buy there is a free way…

I am not pressuring you to buy this :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: