[PAID] Pro Login System

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Today, I am going to show Pro Login System.
This is a Login System based on Firebase Authentication, which comes with three providers: Phone Number/OTP Login, Google Auth & Email Password Login. This app is also secured with multiple algorithms for extra safety of the user’s credentials.


One Time Login

This app provides One Time Login, in which a user can sign in once and need not enter credentials every time he/she opens the app.

Data Protection

This app is highly secured with many encryption algorithms to keep the users data very safe and secure.

Good UI

This app comes with a clean and good-looking UI which makes the user pleasing to use the app.

Email Verification

This app ensures users register with valid email addresses by implementing an email verification system which helps prevent the use of random or incorrect email ids.

OTP Verification

This app is integrated with OTP Verification for phone number login to verify them if they are valid.

Notifier UI

This app comes with some Cool Notifier Dialogs for every error, message or any note the app wants to convey, with a different color for each type of dialog.


The app comes with many cool transitions and animations.

Set Username

When signed in for the first time, the app shows a dialog in which the user can set his/her username.

Update Username

For more flexibility the user has the feature to change his username anytime.

Retrieving of Data

In this system, retrieving the data of the users becomes easy. Here we can retrieve user’s data such as Email ID, Phone Number, Password, Account Created At, Last Login At, Firebase UID, Firebase ID Token and much more!

More features to be added soon…

App User Interface

Email Password Login:

Google Auth:

Phone OTP Login:


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