[Paid] Panel service

Do you want to earn more money? You are in the right title then this app is just for you. Read carefully and think how successful you will be.

Application details: Admin and user applications are available for panel services.

You check the orders placed in the Admin application via ID, check that they are correct and place an order. The field for a panel service you want to add.

User can see the status of the order and can also create a new order when he writes the ID of the order he has given for himself or for someone else in the application, into the search engine. If he is giving a new order, he can learn by using the option how to place an order. Pricing is calculated per 1000pcs. You can add the payment check in the order and confirm the order by writing.

Price : Basic ($27)
Advanced ($40)

In the advanced package:
• Adding more than one option (up to +4) will increase +$ if more than 4 options are requested.
• A separate price calculation will be made for each option.
• Optional (Frequently Asked) option will be added. (Optional)

Also, let us know if there are any other option(s) you want and we’ll deliver if possible.

In addition :
• The person placing the order can comment to evaluate you. +5$
• Spinner can be added for categories. + $2
• We can provide site links for panel service. +$2 per piece

Contact me to get it

@Anar you are providing the service but show us some demo that you made using Niotron

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