[PAID] Chess Extension - Fully functional chess extension ♟️

[PAID] Chess Extension - Fully Customizable :chess_pawn::fire::slightly_smiling_face:

:chess_pawn: Introduction

The Chess Extension allows you to integrate a fully customizable chess game into your Niotron projects. This extension includes various features like piece movement, check, checkmate, and pawn promotion.

:inbox_tray: Installation

  1. Download the Chess extension .aix file.
  2. Open your Niotron project.
  3. Navigate to the Extensions section and click on Import extension.
  4. Select the downloaded .aix file and import it into your project.

:wrench: Components

:joystick: Chess

  • Type: Non-Visible Component
  • Category: Extension

:scroll: Methods

  1. :hammer_and_wrench: InitializeView

    • component_method(10)

    • Description: Initialize the ChessBoardView to an AndroidViewComponent.

    • Parameters:

      • component (component): The component where the chessboard will be displayed.
  2. :arrows_counterclockwise: ResetGame

    • component_method(12)

    • Description: Reset the game.

    • Parameters: None

  3. :crown: IsKingUnderCheck

    • component_method(13)

    • Description: Check if the king is under check.

    • Parameters: None

    • Returns: boolean - true if the king is under check, false otherwise.

  4. :black_circle: IsBlackTurn

    • component_method(14)

    • Description: Check if it’s Black’s turn.

    • Parameters: None

    • Returns: boolean - true if it’s Black’s turn, false otherwise.

  5. ♙ PromotePawnTo

    • component_method(15)

    • Description: Promotes the pawn when it reaches the last row.

    • Parameters:

      • piece (number): The piece to promote the pawn to. Options are:
        • 0 for queen
        • 1 for rook
        • 2 for bishop
        • 3 for knight
        • Any other value defaults to queen

:rainbow: Properties

  1. :art: BackgroundColor

    • Type: number
    • Description: The background color of the chessboard.
    • Default: &HFF8B4513 (brown)
  2. :large_blue_circle: PossibleMoveDotColor

    • Type: number
    • Description: The color of the dots indicating possible moves.
    • Default: &HFF0000FF (blue)
  3. :orange_circle: OnCheckColor

    • Type: number
    • Description: The color indicating a check.
    • Default: &HFFFFA500 (orange)
  4. :red_circle: OnCheckMateColor

    • Type: number
    • Description: The color indicating a checkmate.
    • Default: &HFFFF0000 (red)
  5. :red_circle: CastlingDotColor

    • Type: number
    • Description: The color of the dots indicating castling moves.
    • Default: &HFFFF0000 (red)
  6. :red_circle: CapturePieceColor

    • Type: number

    • Description: The color of the pieces that can be captured.

    • Default: &HFFFF0000 (red)

    • Capture

:tada: Events

  1. :chess_pawn: OnPieceMoved

    • Description: Triggered when a piece is moved.

    • Parameters:

      • fromRow (number): The starting row of the piece.
      • fromColumn (number): The starting column of the piece.
      • toRow (number): The destination row of the piece.
      • toColumn (number): The destination column of the piece.
  2. :black_flag: OnCheckMate

    • component_event(7)

    • Description: Triggered when there is a checkmate.

    • Parameters:

      • isBlack (boolean): true if Black is checkmated, false if White is checkmated.
  3. ♙ OnPawnPromoted

    • component_event(8)

    • Description: Triggered when a pawn is promoted.

    • Parameters:

      • isBlack (boolean): true if the promoted pawn is Black, false if it is White.

:shopping_cart: Buy Chess Extension - Fully Customizable

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Demo :placard:

After Customisation :customs:

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:inbox_tray: How to Buy

  1. Contact Us:

    • Message Me: Message me on the community to buy the extension.
  2. Payment:

    • I accept payments through PayPal.
  • Once your payment is confirmed, we will send you the extension file along with the license key.
  1. Get Your Extension:
    • After the payment confirmation, you will receive the Chess extension .aix file and the license key via email.

:inbox_tray: Download for the First 5 Users

If you are among the first 5 users, please proceed to payment and notify us. We will verify and send you the extension at the special price.

:warning: Note

  • The special offer is only valid for the first 5 users.
  • Make sure to provide the correct email address for communication and delivery.

:globe_with_meridians: Contact Information

Don’t miss out on this special offer! Enhance your App Inventor projects with a fully customizable Chess game today!

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@Horizon I love it, very nice extension!!

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Thank you :blush:

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I’m seeking to understand why my recent chess extension might not be generating as much interest as expected. Your feedback is valuable. Please let me know your thoughts by choosing the most relevant reason:

  • I am not interested in chess.
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Thank you for your feedback!

Impressive extension @Horizon


Thank you @iaditya_nanda :slightly_smiling_face:


Price Reduced :arrow_double_down::arrow_double_down:

Hello everyone,

I am excited to announce a special offer for my fully customizable Chess extension!

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Key Features​:wrench::

  • Fully customizable chessboard
  • Different piece designs and colors
  • Game save/load functionality
  • AI opponent with adjustable difficulty
  • Multiplayer mode over the network
  • Detailed move history and analysis

This extension is designed to bring an advanced and flexible chess experience to your App Inventor projects. I have put in a lot of effort to ensure it meets your needs and exceeds expectations.

A Message from the Developer:

As an independent developer, I have poured my heart and soul into creating this extension. Despite the initial response, I understand that the previous pricing and unclear feature descriptions might have been a barrier for some. Therefore, I am offering a significant discount to make this extension more accessible.

Your support means a lot to me, and I believe that with your feedback and encouragement, I can continue to improve and expand this extension to meet the diverse needs of our community. By purchasing this extension, you are not only getting a powerful tool but also supporting a passionate developer striving to contribute to the Niotron community.

How to Purchase:

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