OTP Verification Issue of Firebase Authentication


Here Anyone can tell me How to VERIFY OTP is correct or wrong as well as verify entered OTP in text box by manually [ Firebase Authentication ]

@niotron , @Souvik and other can you tell me How I do that.

What wrong I have written and why it is flagged?
Give reason who flagged it and why

@NiotronStaff , @moderators I think that you should make rules on that on which to flag post and make more moderaters so that the topic can be handled properly. As anyone is flagging posts without any reason.:rage:

The block required for this thing isn’t available in the version running. You have to wait untill it’s added or use some extension

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Can you answer my post please :pray::rage: @Souvik

but no extension available for otp firebase authentication

We can’t control the user flags. We always try to moderate the community better and professionally, sorry for the inconvenience


First re read what i saying and you telling totally different thing

@Souvik there is no extension for that

Have you flagged it?

Since the v 0.5 is not live. You can expect it to be included into that

If anyone who have flagged he/she doesn’t knows on which to flag posts

Why is the topic in guide it should be in discuss category. As you are not guiding anyone