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Hello Everyone!
My android app uses WebView to open my website.
My website’s login mechanism is like this -

  1. Enter email address
  2. It sends a link to email
  3. Click on that link and you get logged in to your account on website.
    My challenge is that I want my app to be suggested in “Open With” dialogue of android or directly open my app when that link is clicked in an email app or browser.

It is possible using deep links extension
Checkout the following video, you’ll get to know

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Hi @Horizon,
Thank you for this.
I have created the *.aix file so far.
Can you help on how I can use that in Niotron? I did not find any extensions import option.

To import the extension do this

Hi @iAditya-Nanda and @Horizon,
Thank you for getting me through this.
I did create the *.aix file and imported it in my project. Dragged the component on Screen1

But my app is still not being suggested for my website’s link.
Do you think you can advise what am I might be doing wrong?
TYSM In Advance.

Its not completed in the video set up blocks from blocks section

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can you please share the source code that you have created so far

@Horizon This is my code.

In that video, the person has just printed the “get start value” which is not what I need.

What exactly you have to do is like
when screen initialize then if start value is not equals to “” then load start value in web view

and that start value contains the link that you have opened

Hi again @Horizon,

Thank you so much for that suggesting that code, I added it as you advised -


But It was still not working. Then I checked Default App Settings, It is Samsung’s OneUI’s default apps behavior which was causing it to open via chrome everytime.

Once I made the settings as shown in above screenshots, any link containing my website’s domain opened directly in my app. DeepLink works fine then.

This setting gets disabled every time the app is updated which is frustrating and I think it will vary from device to device. Like in One Plus it is working flawlessly. Do you think it is possible to enforce them, maybe during my app’s installation? This is ruining our efforts of implementing deep linking :frowning:


I just checked it, and found this feature is not yet available on Niotron. Currently this is available on Kodular.


Can we change a android default program setting on first run or during installation of my app?

What is the issue with Deep Link extension? It works fine here!

Demo resources:
com.sunny.DeepLink.aix (8.7 KB)

Works with the below mentioned parent URLs and any of its child URLs:
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No issue with Deep Link extension brother. It is working fine.
It is just with Samsung OneUI which is forcing its own default apps.
If you see the screenshots of my phone on previous update, you will know what I am talking about.
DeepLink is working fine on OnePlus or Stock Android devices flawlessly.

My question - Is there a way to make my app as default for a URL during APK’s installation.

May be you can post a video demonstrating the problem?

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Actually it worked fine in Redmi therefore i thought to tell you deep links method

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That is intent type share , that is based on xml edits but deep link is intent type open

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Ok i will make something super :sweat_smile:


Anyways @Lovelesh_Kalonia, have you got your answer or not?
If yes then please mark your answer

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