Open file into another screen

i used following method where i’m going to open 50+ html files into other screen,

i used following method to open every file,

is there any problem or should I have used a loop?

tell me do you want to display all the file together or one file at a time ?

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there are 40+ files from one screen but different virtual screen, all these files are going to open in to other different 3 screens. every virutal screen contains 20 files of set.

virutal screen1 = 20 = Browser(screen3)
virutal screen2 = 20 = Browser(screen4)
virutal screen3 = 20 = Browser(screen5)

becuase i don’t know how to back on old specific arrangment in screen2 so i add screen 3,4,5 which are only have browser block.