Online Ringtones (.apk) Without Database

:wave: Hey everyone,
today i have made a very simple app, Online Ringtones and most interesting point is. i haven’t created any database for storing ringtones or list of rigntones. Sounds interesting! :innocent:

I have use the hidden api of the webiste prokerala which returns the list of 12 ringtones on each request. I haven’t explored much but i found that there is 21 pages, each containing 12 ringtones. by using this info i made a complete backend with very less UI :sweat_smile: by using 3 major components to GET, PLAY & Download Ringtones…

  1. Web Componets
  2. Download Component
  3. Exo-Player

I’m attaching the AIA to this post, So you can take a look and learn how i made the backend/blocks to get ringtones from this website, playing it and downloading it too.

:a: Create UI (Small Challenge)

Anyone, who is interested in making UI of for this apk feel free to use the aia and create one before :date: 07th February 2021 and make sure to PM me that your are taking part in this challenge.

:trophy: Winner will get 5 hidden API/Backand/Blocks to use in his/her future projects for Free.

:arrow_down: Download Ringtnes AIA


Nice challenge @tanishraj! :wink:

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Aia download page not work, Sir plz check and give correct link