One Signal components

Can any one tell me One signal components work properly now?

@mrhridoyvi it was updated and works fine only. If you face any problem you can post it on community anytime

it is not working

@ILOCANO_TV are you getting any error or something?

I didn’t get any error, it seems is not working…here are my blocks. please check if there are wrong on it. I build the apk but it does not work . the app only keeps on loading…
See second picture

please help us with one signal

@ILOCANO_TV when you send the notification from onesignal dashboard is it showing any response?

Nothing, its not functioning, the app stock at screen1, so it means one signal did not function, no permission is showing

@ILOCANO_TV then please share you all the blocks

It’s ok now I have fix it. Thanks to you

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