Notifier -create custom dailog error

Hello Everyone,

I created two Custom Dialog with Vertical scroll arrangement and in that I have put the List View option in both Custom dialog. I have put the First Dialog option to show on Screen initialize. And when user select the option from First List view then the first Dialog box get close and opens next dialog box with 2nd List view Option.

But whenever I open the App in companion or in device. The Dialog appears and the First option from the List View gets automatically selected and gets close and opens next dialog and in that also the first option gets selected automatically.

The options are getting auto selected. Not able to find the issue.

Sorry for my bad english.

@Sunil_Goudar Please don’t use bold letters for title

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First of all I can’t see where are you calling the COMP_LIST Dialog
And can you please show call COMP_LIST and set COMP_LIST

Problem got solved. There was problem in my WEB component clash with Show Custom dialog. If Get WEB and show custom dialog is used at a time then the Option from my list view was selected automatically. So I put the call WEB GET function after completing my Option selection process. So its solved.

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