Noticed some Block Component Missing

Dear Niotron developers, I know u always welcome suggestions from us and you work on it.

#I found some block components missing:

  1. Text html enabled (boolean)
  2. Text Italic (boolean)
  3. Spinner item font typeface

#2 Spinner/ListView/MaterialTextBox Hint has no support to FontTypeface

#3 CardView is full clickable when there is an image inside it but its not full clickable when there is a label.

#4 Custom font uploaded in Asset has some bug. Sometimes it crashes the whole app.

#5 Animation Utilities like (Overshoot/Slide etc.) needed to be added.

#6 No dedicated NiotronListView (with image customization) or RecyclerView is there. Needed to be added.

#7 Set Z-position of any component in beautify

#8 Marquee label


Will update periodically. So plz take this section regularly.

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Thanks. We will work on it gradually