Nitron Builder hangs when I add more than 10 screens to a project

Nitron Builder hangs when I add more than 10 screens to a project. If I refresh the browser again, I can no longer enter into that project. At first I thought it was a problem with my device and tried it on several different devices and different browsers. But it did not work. I could not get into the projects anymore.

@Md_Rabby_Hasan_Bappy First of all adding more than 4 screens in any app will always give error

Try removing the extra screens
or export the aia and delete the extra screens from there

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I have some tips related app to add more than 10 screens. What do I do then?

Can you elaborate more

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Many screens need to be added to make Sayeri apps. Each screen has a separate sairi or a different author sairi.

Instead user vertical arrangement or dynamic component extension

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@iaditya_nanda But why can’t more than 4 screens be used? Other builders have no problems. Isn’t this a bug in Nitron?

You can add but more screen = unstability

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@iaditya_nanda Nitron Builder does not work if you use too many screens. Solve it.

It’s not the issue of Niotron. If you want to make multiple screen then simply use vertical arrangment usted of adding more screen also the reason for app crash is due to multiple screens being used in the same time witch use up your phone ram.