Niotron vs Kodular


I want to ask the Niotron Community, if they ever used a platform, very similar to Niotron, called Kodular, and how would you compare Kodular with Niotron?
Please be honest about your opinion.
We have been using Kodular for 2 years, and each day that platform is getting worse and worse, so we consider moving to a new & reliable platform - Niotron, but first we need to make sure if this platform is much better and reliable than kodular.
Any opinions on this subject will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You


K****** take 50% commission per month on ads and Niotron take ₹250 per month on ads . That’s why niotron is best and great .


Nothing To Say But Just one thing

Every Builder is Unique


Every builder have, negative and positive side. Try your self.
As per me ( i wan full control in my app and ads, not a builder should control my ads and earning.).
And we should not discus all this in community.
So better use it as Kdlr. Dont use full name.

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I have another question related to this compression.
Kdlr have lost of bugs. Is Niotron also have these types of bugs…??


Every Builder have some bug.
We should be patient with Staff.
Niotron also have some bug but Niotron staff every time trying to fixed.

But, I don’t know the future off Niotron.
How much they Alive.

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kod is lacking new features
while Niotron Continuous to brings new features and update…

Kodular is still decades ahead of Niotron.

They have a lot of experience than Niotron with a great team.

There are new amazing things introduced for the next API level with androidx which caused many side effects and as I’ve seen so far, many of the projects don’t work anymore correct as they were supposed to (the old Kodular projects.)

What I see here is Kodular immaturely migrated/implemented things which now cause a very lot of problems, they should have done it with caution.

Kodular is still ahead in features than Niotron, still, there are things that need to be improved in both of them.

And talking about the commission system, I don’t think they charge you 50%.
Kodular did not have any choice other than to take commission, and I think, this would/may happen here too.

Anyway Niotron is growing rapidly nowadays :grin:


We are constantly adding new features and are providing consistent updates compared to other AppInvetor Distros. Talking about features, you would find almost all the features or in fact more features/components here. We do push newer and latest features, for example, AndroidX which was present since the beginning(About 1 year+) and as a result, we do face some stability issues but we do continue to push the limits and try new things and improve Niotron as a whole.

We do believe we have accomplished more than what others have in the given time frame.

Thanks to our great community.