Niotron UI improvents

I personally feel some UI improvements are needed in Niotron -

  1. Icons of horizontal and vertical looks wrong they should be interchanged.

  2. Previous theme of colored text / icon was way better than current boring black and white.

  3. Block button should be bigger and isolated to avoid miss click, after all this the most used button.
    and due to lack of color or maybe size I always forget which button is for what. they should be grouped properly.

  4. additional feature request- Blocks should be able to combine in different groups. so by mistake if I click “clean up blocks” they should not loose the group.

  5. flow charts - something like below would be awesome


No we will have to learn, all this from starting no need… We know well to use the current system is good enough for us.

the thing you are showing will take more space in block part.

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I agree with you up to point number 3.
That of point 4 and 5 I think you go too much to the AppGyver system and I think it would become a bit tedious from being simple.