Niotron Project Opening errors!

Describe the bug in detail…

Project is not opening please aolge this problem I really request u please anyone solve this problem. It’s a humble request…

@Superior_Wallpaper Welcome to the comunity
When are you getting this error?
and please use a desktop for using any builder

I can see here that you are trying to open an aia which consists of ads(monetization) and you have not purchased it yet. This can be the reason for this

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if this is the answer to your question then mark it as solution

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@Horizon No dear thats not my answer…

No I haven’t use any monetization components yet. If I create any new project without using monetization components then it’ s still show this error…

@Superior_Wallpaper is this aia made on Niotron ? Or on other Builder ?

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Dear @Superior_Wallpaper please explain your problem more clearly

Thank you

Please listen carefully I have created a project but when I open it then the internal error problems occur. I think there might be a problem in niotron so that I created another project but still showing this types of error. What I have to do please tell me.

External used in my project:- TaifulTools,Sharing,Dev Yb image loader and dynamic components…

 I hope you will be undestand carefully and I'll get my answer.

Yes Obviously.

You have made this project in Niotron from scratch or importing from other builder

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No sir nothing I have done. I have just made a sidebar, home screen design and use of taifun tools of blocks nothing else. And I have made in this project in niotron only not in others.

Dear @Superior_Wallpaper it is recommended to use Niotron in Laptop or Desktop and not phone
Try using this aia file there

Thank you