Niotron Premium and unity rewarded ads

Hello dear Niotron team.
I have a question about unity rewarded ads.
Today my premium account at Niotron expired.
therefore no rewarded ads could be displayed in my app.
An error message came up.
My app is in closed testing in the Google Store
I’ve now made premium again on Niotron.
Now it works again with rewarded ads.
If my app is accepted in the Google Store.
Do I have to create a premium account with you every month?
So that the rewarded ads are displayed?
If my app were available in the Google store for 10 years.
I would have to pay 3 dollars and something every month.
So that the unity rewarded ads are displayed.
Is that really the case or am I seeing it wrong.
I would like to thank you in advance for your answer.

Subscription is only needed to drag the component and export the app. Then you don’t need to stay with Subscription plan to continue your published app.

hm ok but why should I export the app.
The point is that when my premium expires, unity ads no longer work.
They only work again when I create a new premium account.
and I just wanted to know if that’s how it should be.
I like to do premium on Niotron to support the site a little.
please still for help.