Niotron monetization component?

If i will buy the niotron monetization component then i will use the monetization component properly and does i pay monthly for it
Condition:-if i will buy the monetization component for a month amd i published it on the play store and after one month the ads in my aap will be not showing
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Ads will be running with 0% commission. But you can’t build your app without monetization pack from Niotron.

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Yes, you have to pay monthly

Niotron have good plans at affordable price and niotron builder is far better than other builders :smile:

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Its written " billed monthly"

Question 2.
Answer is very clear if user doesn’t pay after plan end.

User app can still show ads but user can’t update with ads.

Maybe i am wrong :thinking:

What’s the difference between :point_up: :point_down:

Both same :rofl:.

Actually when he post this. I quote the text and typing
I didn’t see that you replied :sweat_smile: because in mobile it cover up almost full area.

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What is add extension

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