Niotron is Slow Now

I Have noticed that niotron is getting slower “Team Niotron” Make it faster please.

Example - 1. if you load your project it’s take lot’s of time.
2. after connecting to companion my Niotron companion and Niotron website hanging and laging to much.
3. if we set version code example - 2 & Version name - 2.0.1 and save it, and if we reload the site or use the site later the version is changed to 2 to 1 and 2.0.1 to 1.0 (please fix it)

  1. How large is your project? Niotron already warns you that it may take a few minutes if your project is too large. Define “lots”.

  2. It also depends on your cache, your computer processor and RAM available.

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My project size is less than 9MB & i have 4GB of RAM and while using niotron my pc don’t use more than 50% of RAM

I am Just Telling that if Niotron Team Can make batter His Platform then it is good for him and for us.
( avoid my poor english )

We do have a lot of optimizations and changes we’ve been working on ready to be released but there’s quite a few more work to be done before we can release those changes