Niotron is Great ! But It should work on user's faced bugs

Niotron should work on webviewer. When user want to download anything then he can’t download. but problem is not in Downloader. Problem in “RequestedDownloadURL” . webview is not generating correct url. webview is generate user agent code when RequestURL.

Anyone can test this : Take ( Webview & Label ) after taken “set LabelText” to “DownloadRequestURL” . And goto any website for download anything and after do it check your “LabelText” . In “LabelText” you will not get any link you will get “user agent code” .

This is a Bug but Niotron is Closing Eyes on it …

@Xcon_Data whenever you get a bug the post it under the #bugs category and then after posting it, if the bug is not fixed in the next update then only you can say niotron is closing eyes on it, Think by your own how a bug will be fixed if it’s not reported and if you are reporting any bug under #discuss category then it’s your mistake because this is not a correct category

If you can see/check your #bugs bug category time to time then you could reply me a satisfied answer there … I wrote right that closing eyes because you can’t find this message in #bugs bug category.

I posted already my bug report in your #bugs before 2-3 days. (Bug in WebView Download Request.)

You wrote there “show your block”. I asking you if you have right way to fix this problem then you could also send any solution otherwise you could try this for self …

And I did not write only “closing eyes”. I wrote " Niotron is Great ! But It should work on user’s faced bugs".

Improve your thinking…

If you can see the second post there by staff he worte ’ can you elaborate more ’ means it was difficulty to understand what you are trying to say and i wrote : ‘show your blocks’ but you didn’t do so
Now as you didn’t shown your blocks then i have to declare you must have done something wrong or you are just trying to make Niotron fool and no one can fully trust on any line many people write anything

Nothing to say to you about this

@Xcon_Data Please post your bug under #bugs category with images and it will be fixed soon