Niotron is cheating with us?

I noticed one thing on 31st, that in my admob account, in app confirmation suddenly name of niotron appeared. I ignored it at first but after some time I thought that our cpm has gone very low since last 3 months and some point to niotron’s ads commission. I can’t say for sure but because of niotron showing their ads in our ads, our match rate and ecpm has decreased drastically. And if this is true then it is clear that we are involved in a big fraud.

I believe you’re talking about Niotron Companion showing up in your Admob Console. This happens when you test your apps using your AppId and Ad Id instead of the test ids.

When you test your app in the companion using your AdmobId, Admob will automatically recognise the app and give you a suggestion to add the app to your Admob Console, it’s usually a suggestion and users can choose to stop showing ads in the companion app and it would stop displaying ads when you’re using the companion.

Either way the app would be linked with your Admob Account thereby the revenue would still go to your Admob Account.


Let’s agree with your story for once but what exactly happened in the last three months that the revenue and match rate has halved more than half while the users are growing, because this is happening to many of my friends.

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this is not a story this is reality

and reasons for low ad revenue could be:

  1. Low app traffic: If your app doesn’t have a significant number of users or active users, there won’t be enough opportunities for ads to be shown, leading to low ad revenue and match rate.

  2. Low-quality ad placements: If the ad placements within your app are not strategically located or are not visible to users, advertisers may be less interested in bidding for those ad spaces, resulting in lower revenue and match rates.

  3. Poor ad targeting: AdMob’s algorithms rely on user data to serve relevant ads. If your app doesn’t collect enough user data or if the data collected is inaccurate, AdMob may struggle to target ads effectively, leading to lower match rates and revenue.

  4. Low ad engagement: If users are not engaging with the ads displayed in your app (i.e., not clicking on them), advertisers may be less willing to bid for ad placements in your app, which can result in lower revenue.

  5. Ad blockers: Some users may use ad-blocking software or tools, which prevent ads from being displayed in your app, thus reducing your ad revenue and match rate.

  6. Competition and market conditions: Ad revenue and match rates can also be affected by broader market conditions, competition within your app’s niche, and changes in advertiser demand.

  7. Seasonality: Ad revenue and match rates may fluctuate based on seasonal trends, such as increased advertising spending during holidays or special events.

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How old sdk can be blamed for low revenue??:smiling_face::blush:

Using an old SDK version might indirectly affect your revenue, eCPM, match rate, and other key metrics, but it’s not solely determined by the SDK version.

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Revenue can depend on a lot of things, sdk version can be one of them but there are other factors as well. Also one thing to be noted is that Niotron cannot change or modify your admob settings. I don’t think anyone can interfere with your Admob settings other than Google itself. Unless you are using a Child Ad Manager account the revenue would 100% go towards your account.


My match rate and impression is ok … just ECPM is low. . it clearly indicate SDK fault, if we are using Niotron, niotron also need to update/fulfill the needs. why niotron is taking 3 to 4 month for an sdk update. Now also nothing is sure date of any update.

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@abhijith please update Facebook SDK to 6.16 in immediate effect.

My admob match rate is also 50%.

My match rate is also very low in 3-4 months.

@Devendra_Singh @iaditya_nanda @Golu_Hajare @abhijith Yes it must be true because my income has also come down in the last 3 months. niotron has started showing its ads in user’s ads to increase its loss and revenue, due to which our match rate and revenue has dropped a lot, this is not just an allegation but I think this is true because my revenue is only 3 days at the end of the month. It increases suddenly and decreases again the next month. It seems like a plan. They say something about ad placement, but because of that suddenly it doesn’t seem possible to earn so much at home. I really feel that niotron is taking a risk with users like us.

I have also low match rate. I published an app on Play console and I didn’t use any ads components in my app but I show the information notification from Play console.

I informed the niotron team they said we found applovin ads components in your project. But my issue not solved.

Niotron is unable to display advertisements because your app ids are present.

Additionally, @abhijith, I believe that ads in the companion app should be turned off, requiring the user to export the app in order to view the placement of the ads, much like the Firebase auth component.

This could be attributed to any extension or previously used component.

Yes we will be disabling the ability for the users to test their live ads in Niotron Companion.

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Every Android App Can be decompiled and reverse engineered. Everyone can see what the code is doing even with proguard. Anyone is free to decompile their own apps and find evidences.