Niotron Download Component?


Niotron Download Components:
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Kodular Download Components: I need this type “Download Components” i need this 3 type Value of any download file!
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actually, My app Download PDF File (URL) of Result server! and Result File is PDF url comming in specific time e.x (1:12 PM),
So i want first user click (1.00 PM) if result not availabe then show then Notifer (result not comming yt) Means I need to URL Check is valid or not! Its Possible to Kodular Download Components but Niotron Download Component is different!

Can anyone tell me how to do block in Niotron,like Kodular Download Components!
e.x “Filepath” “Filename” “Filesize” *

i need this 3 type Value of any download file!

note: i want to my all kodular apps update on playstore with Niotron! My this project is complete after 2 days now im stuck here!



or this:



Try this blocks


My Problem is Solve both your helpful block! Thank you again.

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That’s why I keep saying, post the relevant blocks (of course of Niotron and not from K) and also post a simple test aia.

In this way, questions can be answered and solved much faster and more efficiently!

Note: For those who are switching from K to Niotron

The Download component of K always downloads to the /Download folder or maybe a subfolder of it.
In Niotron you have to specify this path and I did it in my example. So you know the path!

The path is fixed from the beginning and does NOT change after the download!


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