Niotron compenion is not working smoothly

hello niotron team please make your compenion smoothly it has many bugs
1.)when i m using compenion sometimes it is fast and sometime have to wait very much
2. pogress bar not showing in dialogue it showing on header
3.when any one open compenion then every time ask wifi connection it is very irritating please fix t

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It depends on your internet connection speed and the size of your project screen.

It’s designed to be there it’s not a bug. We have done so, user can make change to there project even when the connection is in progress…

It mostly due to slow/no internet connection.

Thanks for sharing your feedback we’ll definitely try to improve our companion and make it more user-friendly.

You are new to Niotron, So spent some more time and explore our builder. Every builder is not similar.


thank u for your reply