Niotron companion not working in android studio

why niotron companion is not working in android studio for a long time? so i have to use another android emulator but i just want to use android studio.

@AhmetKirkzade is the USB debugging enabled?

How do I check if it’s open or not?

I think you are talking about this setting.

yes if the ai starter is working then it should connect perfectly

What do you mean by ai starter?

Please help me to use niotron companion in android studio

@AhmetKirkzade I had that same problem years ago but I couldn’t solve it, maybe it has a simple solution but as an alternative, if you’re in a hurry, I recommend you Bluestacks 5, it works fine.

What exactly you wanted to ask? What I’m getting from this is that you are using the emulator of Android studio to run Niotron companion??

Yes, right.

Instead of that I would too recommend to use BlueStacks 5 as recommended by @AhmetKirkzade , as it(Android Studio emulator) is basically dedicated for projects created with Android studio only, I agree that both are apks but still there are some internal issues that can rise.

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So why isn’t niotron dealing with this? Because I had this problem a long time ago and when I checked again now I thought that the problem was solved. But I was wrong.

It is not something like dealing, you just assume that if something is not dedicated to some task and if you’ll force it to do that, than obviously issue will happen, same is here in Niotron with Android Studio emulator. As it is not for commercial use or something like that it’s only dedicated to Android Studio projects

[Don’t Tag admins unnecessarily] I can’t connect to niotron compainon

@AhmetKirkzade This usually happens when using the previous version of Companion. If you use the beta server, then use the Companion Beta version.

You can download it at:


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Thank you.

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