Niotron App Update component

Hello Community,

I am facing some issue with app update component of niotron.

You can have a look at the blocks I have used below -

I am getting an error with these blocks, the app is getting updated but asking me to update every time I open the app, which is wrong.

Please provide a solution to this.

As to what additional blocks shall I use to remove the issue.


@Malani Your blocks are fine but to use this component your app must be present on playstore and also please share the screenshots or screen recording of the error you are facing

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my app is there on Play Store.

When I updated it for the first time, it got updated, even though the installation was incomplete. However every time I open it again asks for an updated.

I downloaded the latest update, which shows that it is installing, but this installation part is never complete.

show the screen recording of the error and also share the apk with old version

testing.apk (4.9 MB)
you can check, it is just not getting installed. It is stuck in the installation process.

How to fix this?

Also How to make this uploaded file private?

I have shared the requested information, do you need anything else?
If not, please share the solution.


is this real apk? i didn’t found in app update component

yup this is real APK

When I open I do get app update component. You may not get it in first go, but definitely in second or third attempt, you will get.

It is just that, I have changed the name to testing.

after an update, the latest content will load automatically.

Awaiting your revert.

Please let me know how to fix this.


There is a problem. The update option is not appearing for me. Did you start a new project? or changed the package name?

my clients are coming after me, please share a solution.

nope the package name is exactly same. I m getting an update option, with the same apk.

can you share aia of any app that is working for you?

but then it is a concern, why are you not getting update option?

are the any other block or any extension that you would recommend instead?


can you share an aia that is working for you, because these blocks are not working for me at all!

? My apps are live and I can’t

It simple I just need a working aia, you dont have to share you real app aia.

you can use package name of Flipkart for testing purpose, the only thing you have to do is change the version code.

May be this is because of the different signing key store of your apk and the app present on the Google Play Store.

Actually the installation never got completed, it was my misunderstanding.

signing keystore is same, ofcourse.

Please can anyone give me a solution??

My client is coming after me.


It is my humble request to niotron community to provide a solution to this ASAP


These are the blocks and it works excellent (at least for me)

even this is not working for me !!