Niotron App Making Competition Result

Hello everyone :wave: :wave:

A few days ago we had organized an App Making competition, Today we are excited to announce the results

After all the decisions we have finally selected the first three contestants. There were a total of 30 submissions, some of them disqualified for violating the rules.

1st Position :1st_place_medal:


App Name - Steak Maker

AIA - Steak_Maker_Vip - Biswajit majumder.aia (2.1 MB)
Apk - Steak_Make - Biswajit majumder.apk (7.0 MB)

PLANT DOX :2nd_place_medal:

App Name - Weath_Mus

AIA - Weath_Mus - Plant Dox.aia (865.6 KB)
Apk - Weath_Mus - Plant Dox.apk (5.0 MB)

DIDIK SUBROTO :3rd_place_medal:

App Name - Speb
AIA - SPEB - Didik Subroto.aia (469.3 KB)
Apk - SPEB - Didik Subroto.apk (5.6 MB)

P.S - All the winners are requested to mail us from their submitted email account to claim their prizes