New security component- Any block image on how to use it?

How decrypt text through security component

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When encrypting a text set mode either as ECB, CBC, CTR, OFB, or CFB as padding. You can consider the padding as some kind of key. Also, note that if you choose the encryption mode other than ECB then you have to set IV (16 characters long string value).

Follow the reverse way to decrypt it. Here is an example of AES encrypt + decrypt


Thank you so much​:heart:.

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How to decode from server side i using my keys for decode not working what i doooo

can you attach the blocks screenshot and also the server codes you used for encoding.

why is this component not available to me? Is there any account settings to enable?

Check extra section or search for security component

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How did I not see this? Thanks! :sweat_smile:

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