New Policy Update From Playstore

Apps that target Android 11+

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Hello Google Play Developer,
We’re writing to let you know about recent updates to our Developer Policy Center. We make updates from time to time as part of our continuous effort to make Google Play a safe and trustworthy experience for both developers and consumers.
Policy updates and clarifications
We’re introducing policy updates that need your attention. You’ll have 30 days from the issuance of this notification to comply with the following changes:

  • Apps that target Android 11+ and need to access external storage must comply with the All Files Access Permission policy, so users have more access control over their device storage.
  • We’re adding regional updates for Real-Money Gambling countries, and are adding clarifications to the Gamified Loyalty program policy requirements.
  • We’re updating the Sexual Content and Profanity policy with additional examples of prohibited apps.
    Additionally, we’ve added new examples and clarifications to some of our policies. Please note that these aren’t new policies and we aren’t changing our enforcement standards and practices as a result of these updates.
  • We’re updating the Families Policy Requirements with additional clarity on app functionality.
  • We’re clarifying the News policy as it relates to user-generated content apps, contact information, and use of advertising.
  • We’re reiterating our definition of Malware and clarified the definition of stalkerware.
  • We’ve clarified an example of common violations in the Misleading Claims policy.
  • We’ve added a Help Center link to our Payments policy that contains additional information about Google Play’s billing system and answers to frequently asked questions about the Payments policy.
  • We’ve clarified the Personal and Sensitive Information policy.
  • We’ve clarified requirements for COVID-19 status apps.
  • We’ve added an example of a common ads violation to the Families Ads and Monetization policy.
    Upcoming new policy
    Using data responsibly means that developers only access personal data that they need. Later this year, we’ll be introducing a new policy where apps need to be approved to view what other apps are installed on users’ devices. We’ll send you 60-day advance notice before you need to comply with the following changes:
  • Developers need to request permission for their app to view what other apps are installed on a user’s device. You’ll be able to request a new “QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES" permission for “Package (App) Visibility” in the Play Developer Console as early as July. Learn more.
    We encourage you to review these policy updates carefully in case any of your apps are impacted
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