New Niotron Version

Hello Everyone,
As you all might know, there have been few server issues recently. We have identified the bug and a patch has been released. Unfortunately, the projects have to be migrated by the user to the latest version due to major changes made in the backend part of the Builder.

The older version would be available at

The latest version would be available at:

The Older Version would be up for a year allowing users to migrate in their own time. We appreciate your patience, this change was necessary for the long-term stability of Niotron.

Thank You,
Team Niotron


APK Compiling Issues has been fixed!
Make Sure to delete the already Imported project from and reimport the aia from

Thank you for your patience. Do let us know about more bugs and issues.


APK Not Installing / Parsing Issue has been Fixed!

Thank You,
Team Niotron


Build Failed duplicate entry Screen Issue has been fixed!

Deleting the screen and copying it again would fix existing issues.

Thank you,
Team Niotron

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