New Beta Version Bug

After importing the project to, it has many shortcomings. I have to edit again. do what?


I am also facing the same problem

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Can you send me the aia file?


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Mmmmmmm. I can but how?
If you mean upload to this community ?

You can send a Direct Message


Alevel.aia (4.5 MB)

@abhijith Please help me. this is my aia

If neither Niotron or Community can help you, then you can always buy back a working one from me!!

Hello @Boban Welcome to the community!

What you mean by this? Do you mean that from Niotron we can’t make good apps?

Not at all, just offering a working one so he can continue with his work…

He has a choice to either wait for someone to help him for free or as I mentioned above.