New App API Level 31 In Console

I did. It looks like it only targets up to Android 11. I don’t get the big deal over the beta server, unless there’s somthing Im missing. How do I get it to support?

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And that would be? Post a screenshot of the error (after uploading).

how to decompile, windows not allowing to edit manifest and on android, i get parsing error.
Kindly suggest tool for editing xml

Better than you is Appzard, who has brought targetSdkVersion = 33 before you.


As I’ve mentioned earlier, changing the target number itself doesn’t mean anything, and a bunch of people who are creating post for just the sake of advertisement isn’t a good look on any platform either. If we’re talking about the source code used in the platform in question, it’s a whole different story.

So kindly stick to creating topics and post related to Niotron on Niotron Community Website.


I am facing many problems after this new update you told us for 12 hours that we will bring new update but till now you have not done anything

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There is a problem in all my applications, please bring a new update as soon as possible.

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Are you sure they haven’t?

Almost everyone are having problems due to this Google Console changes.

They will, but to understand the whole situation and being patient is better then complaining.