[NEED SPONSOR] Create awesome PopUp dialog for your app!

Hello guys Avijit Das here, And today I am showing
how you can create awesome popup dialog in your app easily!
So let’s start

Preview :

Price :

By donating USD$2 or more, I will send you the zip (aia+extension). When the donations reaches USD$15, the zip will be fully sponsored and liberated for free to all users.

Link to donate : :point_down:
PayPal Username : @avijitdas09
UPI id : [email protected]
Paytm Link


No one…

Download :

PopUpDesign.aia (254.6 KB)

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Would be actually nice if you can shake the dialogs to alert the user, just like what it is designed (stacks of flashcards).

You can add animation according to you using Phase/Animation component.

No, I’m just giving a suggestion to you so that you could improve the design and attract more people to the project and to make it “stand out”.

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Thanks. I am updating the video.

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