Need Something to do. Providing Services

well due to the playstore suspending my account for god knows what reason even though i was following every single policy.

So now I don’t have anything to do and I’m hoping if anyone wants my services to build any apps.

If so then feel free to DM me i do not charge much for my services.

I can make good use of the Firebase bandwidth which you get for free and can make an app which uses %50 less bandwidth even with a lot of data in your database. It also applies with other databases.

Well I will be here if anyone wants my services we can negotiate price.

Means you want people to assign you paid work

It mean people can hire me to build apps using the platform itself and by building I don’t mean copying other projects but to build some new. For example I know how to use the firebase data structures so if someone wants to make an app for there office employees or want to make an turnament apps with is complex then I can do that.

Oh ohkkkkk…

That’s the best part

Yeah tho many people want to create earning apps witch i really don’t recommend doing but if they want I can also create an best Earning app they can get.

Yeah people with same interest will come back to you

I had developed an app witch was based on Earning apps but was quite different. It was an Captcha Turnament app. Here are some screenshot

This was developed in kodular but can be recreated in Niotron.

It is outstanding UI dude

Thanks but I can make much better UI if anyone wants me to. Because I had created this app for fun but now I was selling it.

just keep on working you will find work soon

Thanks hope so.