Need in a feature to convert the aia to android studio proj,or java,xml file

need in a feature to convert the aia to an android studio project, or java, XML file it will be easier for us to learn both niotron ide with java,xml please make it soon(also thanks for extension ide you made make this also)


the same feature is in app inventor to java use it then

its ok but if its here it will be more helpfull

but mit hasnt made it open source so how can u do it?

Converting Builder aia to Java or to native source code will expose our code and there are other people out there who would monetize that and make a clone out of Nitoron


But you’re doing the same thing, you are making money off of app inventor source code… If you pointed out security or data breach that would make your cause valid.

Well, Niotron is heavily modified and a lot of work is put into it to make it a commercial product. AppInventor does not have monetization components and the dependencies required for it. Also Niotron is free to use for all users. The Premium exists for users who wants to monetize their app (monetization components are created by Niotron).