Need help to list view

Hello All
Here is screenshot of airtable spreadsheet. (This is only Demo)

Here you found that ID no.- 1 Made 4 Transaction.
I Want to show that 4 transaction in list view. like
Deposite into Wallet 5 0
Withdraw from Wallet 0 12
Deposite into Wallet 14 0
Deposite into Wallet 18 0

Is it possible?
If yes then How?

There are 4 rows which use ID no. 1
I want to show data in list view of row which only used ID=1

Here is the solution

Download Screen Codes : screen-code.nio (6.8 KB)

Open screen-code.nio with any text editor > Copy > Paste On Screen


Awesome Bro
Thank You So Much.
Its Work Perfectly

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