Need help to Dynamic Card view

Hello Experts,
Recently I Created a Dynamic CardView using Dynamic Component Extension. Its Work Fine but i Got an Error when I go back and Click on Another Option. Here is a Screenshot of an Error:

Blocks I Use are:

Full Blocks are more then 1.90 MB so its not uploaded here.

Its work fine 1st time but when u go back and click on another tab, then got this Error.

Please help me to solve error

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Remove math block and use (get number) by for each

Use get number block in I’d

Once tell me what are you creating so I can create an aia for that

As @Shivam_Yadav1 Yadav said use get number blocks on the math block in id

May be you got solution after seeing this video

@Shivam_Yadav1 @Faraz_Firoz I Tries “Number” but got same error.