Need Help On Offline Music Player

Hello everyone, please I need help, I want make offline music player in which the user will download the files after first launch of the app.

I converted the required songs into zip file here is the zipped songs link File sharing and storage made simple

I want the files to be downloaded only once and unzipped so that the player source will be the unzipped songs.

I tried all I can but to no avail, this my designer screenshot

These are the components I used,

This is my blocks, sorry I know the blocks are not in a right order but I don’t know how to correct them

Please help

First download the zip then unzip it then use them

Can you help me out on how to download and unzip?

Ok Soon i will give some blocks

I am grateful, thank you for your support

@Saifullahi_Mannir try this app and tell me if your condition is satisfied then I will share the aia file
music.apk (4.9 MB)

Yes this is exactly how I like it to be, but the only problem the files are not playing. This is the problem

What is your android version?
its perfectly working on my device

well here are the blocks and aia file

Blocks :

aia file :
music.aia (590.9 KB)

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Thank you Mr Aditya I really appreciate your help, my android version version 10.

You are welcome @Saifullahi_Mannir (. ❛ α΄— ❛.)

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