Need Help In Screenshot System?

@Jan_Jan Okay it can be possible, you just need to make an dynamic list and add images to that list that’s it if you want more help you can hit me on telegram removed by mod

If your problem solved then marke this as solution

@Sammed_Jain Avoid posting your personal contacts in the discussion forms; use the community’s PM system instead.


@Jan_Jan Give more details regarding your issue

@iaditya_nanda okay fine sir

The community is here to help and not telegram… and the answers are not only for you, but for everyone to learn…

But you should ask correctly, so everyone can understand the problem… unfortunately I can’t find a question in your post?
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I need something like a screenshot of the play store project the system can show.

You mean that you want to make gimmicks of your app?
like this :
image source :TukiZ Battery by @Avijit