Need help in image

Hi all
How to create ROUND image?
I use LeoProfileView, But its not working for me.
I also try cardview with 100 radius but it show margin in left and right. I m not set any margin in cardview.

Thank you

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Use deephost circle image view extension

Set padding to 0 in cardview.

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Already set 0 but no result found.

Already used… Not get satisfying result

LeoProfileView not show image.
Its show only blank image

Can you show image of the result?

I have tested his extension one week ago 100% working

Will u pls send me latest updated extension?
May be i was use older version…

You can download from Deep Host - Extension & AIA File

I Try now but no result found

When Screen Load, Image gonna HIDE

Set image in horizontal or vertical arrangement

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1st use cardview & set image in vertical or Horizontal arrangement
put arrangements in cardview & set cardview padding 0

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