Need help for Mopub Account


We have received your request to participate in MoPub Marketplace and have begun to review your account, but before we can determine your account’s eligibility, we need some additional information.

We require our publishers to actively participate in IAB’s Authorized Sellers for Apps (app-ads.txt) in order to be considered for the MoPub’s Marketplace. We were unable to verify your app-ads.txt file because the domain link shared in your MoPub Account Settings was invalid.

For more information on app-ads.txt and its implementation, please visit this page.

You will have 7-days to update your MoPub Account Settings with a valid domain link and respond to this message before your account is rejected from MoPub Marketplace.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,
MoPub Policy Team

i received this email and time when received this email first time i provide mopub team my valid txt file but still received same email after 3 days

hello i already create this file in my coustom domain in blogger but iam confused where to upload this txt file in mopub


yes i ad same website when sign up

my question is where to upload this txt url in mopub

not answer here we confused in mopub account we need put only website url or url with txt

My Domain also available in play store