Need help - Console suspended

Where to get new keystore?

I’m curious. Multiple violations in one year? Can you say what the violations were to alert anyone who recently purchased an account?

Before 1 year, I published some apps on Google play and those were monetized using Facebook audience network ads. But for some false and totally rubbish reasons Google suspended that console.

Then I created a new console by using everything new and successfully published new apps in the new console. Those apps even got 25K+ downloads. So i thought of monetizing that app with my old Facebook audience network account ads and I did that and updated the app on Google play. Within the next 3 to 4 days my new console also got banned by Google for prior violation reasons.

It means anyone should not monetize their apps using the old Facebook audience network account ads also if you’re planning to publish your app again on a new console. I think there are some internal checking and linking between Facebook audience network and Google play. That’s why Facebook only approve apps that are published on Google play store.

Has anyone experience this like me ?