Need extension to change audio track in video

Hello everyone, I want a video extension to be able to change audio track in the video. Like in Dual Audio movies. If anyone can make such extension please dm me regarding more details and price.


Hello @Homie ,
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Wait for some Extension Developer’s reply or team’s reply

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Hello @Homie,
Welcome to Niotron.

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Its possible contact zaid ui hassan
@ZainUlHassan at telgram

Hello everyone, after searching for so long finally I found an extension which is free and open source. Its by Zain Ul Hassan as suggested by @Shubh.
Extension version 1.0.6 and newer supports dual audio track in a video.
:small_orange_diamond:Link to his Kodular Community post.
Thank you everyone. And 1 more thing Niotron community is way more lenient than other communities out there. Appreciate the management​:pray:t2:

No , please mark my post as solution

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How to do that please tell me.

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we can’t mark the solution under #feature-request category

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