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I have an app where i check user is installed the specific app or not! for that i used package utility component but now i getting policy violation error from play store because package utility component is using all package permission.

to solve this violation only i have two methods, firts one is submit a declaration for using all package permission and 2nd is remove that permission.

I have submitted the declaration form but play store team did not accept my declaration and rejected! Because to check one app is installed or not for this reason we cant use all package permission. we can do it without this permission in android studio but in niotron i don,t know how to do it.

Please coaders suggest me any idea to check if you have.

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Use the activity starter and its ResolveActivity method to find out, if an app is installed on the device
Here is an example for Skype App Inventor Code Snippets | Pura Vida Apps



I don’t think this method works anymore. I haven’t tested it. But I’m pretty sure.
Someone might please teach me better.

It looks like @Blogging_Bro is the one, who can find out, if the ResolveActivity method nowadays can’t be used anymore. . But please don’t just say “it does not work”, show also a screenshot of what you tried…


I checked it some time ago, and I only said:

and …

Activity starter needs proper information to launch a app and i want to know that app is insatalled or not! by package name.

Yes, but it seems that is not possible if the app is not installed via the Play Store.