Need a App publisher

Need a App publisher.

I found this may be helpfull to you

please help me

You want someone to publish the app you made in other account that is not yours?
I can do it for you for a fee but I don’t think it is a good idea. because if you want to update the app or app description, images etc you will have to pay everytime.
And if you lose contact to the person you won’t be able to update your app again.

My advice for you: don’t do it. . See also


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I am aware of these problems. I have an account only for this. And I also talk about the risk of this account being banned to the clients that decide to pay for this.

But as I always aprove the app before posting, until now I only had a few problems with updates and the account never got a serious punishment.

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Are you also aware about the Google ToS, see here


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I don’t see how post the app of someone that doesn’t have a Playstore dev account would constitute misrepresentation.

I think this is the case when a developer create and post an app as if it was the official app of another company or artist, for example. Or when the app is excluded from playstore and the develper posts it using another account.

I don’t do any of these things because it would only improve my risks to get banned too.

My focus is to allow people that don’t have 25 dollars to create a developer account or that can’t create the developer account because they don’t have a credit card or the credit card is not allowed by Google, etc.

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Well, I think it is clearly written there (see bold text)


We do not allow apps or developer accounts that:

  • impersonate any person or organization, or that misrepresent or conceal their ownership or primary purpose.
  • that engage in coordinated activity to mislead users. This includes, but isn’t limited to, apps or developer accounts that misrepresent or conceal their country of origin and that direct content at users in another country.
  • coordinate with other apps, sites, developers, or other accounts to conceal or misrepresent developer or app identity or other material details, where app content relates to politics, social issues or matters of public concern.

You also can switch to Español for better understanding (assuming this is your native language?)


No se permiten apps ni cuentas de desarrolladores que hagan lo siguiente:

  • roben la identidad de otra organizaciĂłn o persona, o que oculten o tergiversen su objetivo principal o propiedad
  • participen en actividades coordinadas para engañar a los usuarios (por ejemplo, pero sin limitarse a ello, las que ocultan o tergiversan su paĂ­s de origen y dirigen su contenido a usuarios de otro paĂ­s)
  • coordinen con otras apps, sitios, desarrolladores u otras cuentas para ocultar o tergiversar la identidad de los desarrolladores o las apps y demás detalles importantes cuando el contenido se relacione con polĂ­tica, asuntos sociales o cuestiones de interĂ©s pĂşblico

Of couse you can take the risk. . I would not do it…


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