My Facebook ads not showing

My facebook ads not show. my app is alive in playstore.
In my audience network dashboard it show only ads request but no impression . does someone else face same issue? please help.
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Yes bro also I am facing same issue

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how you say that? I am using enhance and waterfall ads are still shown there.

Facebook say that only new app need bidding old app can use waterfall before the deadline 30 september 2021. check it please

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Yes its correct my ads are showing new and old also. old ads like waterfall have low ecpm, new bidding app ecpm is good just 800 imp and i got 1usd.

What ads network are you using for Bidding?

Facebook and ironsource. is better for interstial ads. but you cant use Native as ironsource donot support native ads.

Ok i will try thanks you

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My intestitial ads not showing before app update in bidding